5 Things To Do in Burlington, Ontario This Summer

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We've put together five things to do in Burlington, Ontario this summer with friends, family or solo! 

Rated as one of the best places to reside in, Burlington is a city full of adventures. It lies in between Toronto and Niagara Falls. From floral beauty to magnificent cuisines, Burlington is a place for everyone, like Kaia. 

If you are looking for relaxing yet adventurous summertime adventures, here are our picks to best experience in Burlington, Ontario this summer: 

1. Garden Visits - Royal Botanical Garden
One of Canada's most significant gardens, the Royal Botanical Garden, is a world-renowned garden. The Royal Botanical Garden is divided into different sections that have a beautiful gift shop, four outdoor gardens, three restaurants, and one greenhouse. It has one of the world's largest collections of lilacs with other 1000 plants and flowers. It also has an important bird area. When in Burlington, it is a must! In fact, it is Burlington's top attraction.

2. Sightseeing - Discovery Landing 
With an incredible soothing lake-facing view, the Discovery Landing building gives you the perfect picture of the weather.  What adds up to the beauty of this place is the phenomenal restaurant that faces the lake. The building has floor-to-ceiling windows that make the view even more beautiful. It also has a beautiful pond by the side — if you luckily visit this place in winters, you would get a pleasing view of the frozen pond. 

3. Socializing - Meeting the Locals 
Burlington is the best place to party — quite literally. It has the best bars and nightclubs where you can meet amazing people and socialize. If you had a long tiring year and want to relax, Burlington bars are your go-to place. They have live music and sitting lounges to relax and watch television. Burlington's nights are known for their bar's musical nightlife. From fantastic music, dances, cocktails, and people to incredible food, Burlington's bars got them all. 

4. Farms -  Stonehaven Farm

Add another relaxing to your list of places if you love nature; Stonehaven Farm. It allows you to explore the farm, pick your fruits such as pumpkins, raspberries, or buy other fresh products from the market. It had its roots in 1904. Everyone who visits Burlington goes to Stonehaven farm. If you are traveling with kids and want them to indulge in fun activities, visit Stonehaven, as it offers different games from massive sandbox to straw bale maze.

5. Rock Climbing - Mount Nemo Conservation Area
One of the most well-known areas in Southwestern Ontario, Mount Nemo Conservation Area, is excellent for rock climbing. F

rom the Brock Harris Lookout, you'll find yourself 295 metres (968 feet) above sea level and on a clear day, you can even spot Toronto's CN Tower! With spectacular views and a lifetime memory, rock climbing can be one of the adventurous things to try. 


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