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Cannabis is one of the plants that has grown at the quickest rate in terms of growth and selling. It's a hallucinogenic plant with inexhaustible therapeutic and recreational potential. We have put together some amusing but weird facts about the plant since ancient times. We've compiled a list of interesting cannabis facts to help you learn more about this fascinating plant.  

  • Around 200 slang names for the cannabis plant are used in various parts of the world. Many cannabis aficionados had to come up with various street names for the plant due to its criminalization. Some of the street names, such as 'weed,' 'pot,' and ‘marijuana,' date back to the 1930s and originated in the United States. Simply ask for a 'gasper stick' in the United Kingdom. All of these names have historical importance and are still used by potheads across the world.
  • Cannabis seeds can also assist with sleeplessness and stress reduction. However, experts are currently doing the necessary experiments in order to reach a definitive conclusion.
  • Cannabis use is entirely legal in Uruguay, including in public areas. In 2013, it became the first country to completely legalize cannabis for both recreational and medicinal purposes. In Uruguay, cannabis may be grown, sold, and used without difficulty. 
  • In many regions of the world, cannabis has cultural and recreational significance. While the Rastafari faith makes use of the plant's soothing properties for meditation, reggae music adds to the plant's importance. 
  • Around 1971, a bag of marijuana was the first item ever bought and sold via the Internet. According to rumours, Stanford students purchased it from MIT students. 
  • It tastes even better when made with delectable treats like brownies, bread, or cake. Cannabis, on the other hand, may be ingested uncooked. Furthermore, eating it raw will not make you high, but it will offer you with all of the medicinal benefits. 
  • Marijuana traces were discovered in William Shakespeare's house, which might have been a huge help in composing all of the scripts and poetry. 
  • According to Civilized Life, the United States is the world's leading producer of marijuana. Morocco, Afghanistan, Mexico, and Colombia are the countries behind it.
  • Because THC interacts to the same receptors as the brain's natural anandamide, or "bliss molecule," it is an effective antidepressant. CBD, another component of marijuana, inhibits the breakdown of anandamide in the brain. In terms of antidepressant effects, this gives marijuana a double whammy.

Cannabis continues to amaze us with what it can accomplish, and scientists are continually learning more about how it affects the human body. As the cannabis business expands, more fascinating facts about the history of cannabis, as well as its prospective medical qualities and applications, will emerge.

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