How To Choose The Right Cannabis For You

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Each cannabis strain is incredibly unique in properties, and choosing between them is like choosing between two different kinds of apples. Different varieties of the same plant produce different intoxication or highs, such as marijuana, which can affect your mind. Science also proves their distinct therapeutic properties. So, how to choose the right cannabis for you? Here are some essential points to consider before selecting the cannabis strain for you.

Why Choosing the right cannabis Strain is Important?

Choosing the right cannabis strain is necessary to ensure the experience you want and eliminate the possible risks of strain. Because choosing the wrong strain can leave you

  • A bud with a smell and taste you do not like
  • Opposite affects you can experience
  • A high that is too potent

Tips for Choosing the Right Cannabis Strain

We are giving you some tips to choose the right cannabis strain that will be beneficial for you


 Choose the Right Chemotype

Before choosing the right cannabis strain according to your need, the most important consideration is the chemical composition. To distinguish the cannabis varieties, their chemical composition is the critical element termed Chemotype or Chemovar. Chemotype is the strain’s ratio of CBD to THC, and it has a significant impact on the user's mental and physical health.

Typically cannabis strain is divided into three chemo types

THC-dominant cannabis strains: They have a low ratio of CBD and a high ratio of THC.

Balanced cannabis strains: have equal amounts of CBD and THC.

CBD-dominant cannabis strains: have a low ratio of THC and a high ratio of CBD.

Strain chemo type is determined by plant genetics, whether it is indica, hybrid, or Sativa. You can identify the chemotype of strains by looking at the cannabinoid potency label. Such as a dominant cannabis strain may consist of 1% CBD and 15% THC.


Why is the chemotype of a strain crucial?

Because it determines the physiological and psychoactive effects of the user's body, choose THC dominant strain if you want to enjoy a more psychoactive and intoxicating experience. Because strain with high THC can be more sedating as compared to those with less THC proportion. However, it may also accompany by increased heart rate, paranoia, and anxiety.

Balanced strains can also be harmful to some users, but a higher CBD ratio reduces THC intoxication and sedation. To get anti-anxiety and more relaxing effect CBD dominant strains is recommended because it is not psychoactive.


Overall Potency of Cannabis strains

Aside from CBD and THC ratio, the overall potency is also an important point to consider while choosing the right cannabis strain.  Especially in those strains with a high THC ratio, A strain with 5% THC has a different effect than those containing 20% THC.


Terpene Profile

Similarly, a strain’s terpene profile has a more subtle effect also has a therapeutic effect. These bioactive molecules in cannabis can influence you high and help to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. Limonene is one of the most common terpenes in cannabis and feels high and could help treat anxiety, pain, arthritis, and MS.  Strain’s terpenes profile also determines the smell and taste, and you can choose the sweet, citrus, or earthy notes.


Define your desired effects

First, decide what you want to achieve from cannabis strain consumption. Do you need to relax for a long day then go for Indica strain because it is the best option for relaxing? However, Sativa dominant strain help to boost your energy throughout the day.  Knowing about your experience will help you to choose cannabis strain easily.


Know your limits

New cannabis users should know about strain's potency as experienced users can handle plants with high potency. In contrast, newbies cannot handle the potent strain. To check the potency of the strain looking the amount of THC it contains. As 16% THC with little or no CBD is considered highly potent.

Practice some trial and error

After choosing the cannabis strain for you, look for strains with similar profiles; for example, if you are a new cannabis user and looking to treat Crohn's disease on a busy day, go for a high limonene ratio. You can try a product with a higher proportion of linalool or BCP for nighttime with no or little amount of limonene. If you have a high tolerance and are looking for pain relief, type II with high limonene would be the best.

Trial different strains are the easiest way to find the perfect strain. In this way, you can get to know which strain you like. If you have a limited budget, some places offer strain discovery kits to test various strains. Moreover, the sale section is a good option if you want to try something new for cheap.


Think about your budget

Cannabis strains are hard to find, and this can drive up their price if you have a limited budget, only research strains that are priced within your budget. It will save you time and help you to find the exact strain you want.

Ask for recommendations

Before choosing a cannabis strain, ask someone who uses cannabis or marijuana regularly. They can recommend to you which strain you should try first.

Check availability

All strains are not available in all areas and dispensaries.  Always create a list of strains and check-in your area which one is available.

Bottom Line

Choosing a cannabis strain can be challenging, especially for new users. With thousands of cannabis strains, it can be difficult to find which one is right for you. Before visiting a store or making a purchase take some time to get an idea about strains' effects on your body and what type of experience you want, such as relaxing, fun, or another.

Similarly, consider the strain’s chemotype, overall potency, and terpenes profile to choose the right one for you. Once you know your goals, do some research and find your desired strain. Narrow your selection by looking at potency, flavour, aroma, budget, and availability in your area.

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