Things to do in Burlington this Fall!

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In this KAIA blog, we have summed up some fantastic things that you can do in Burlington, Ontario, this Fall because AUTUMN IS HERE!

Burlington, Ontario, located on the shores of Lake Ontario, offers a buffet of attractions, and it is among the best getaway destinations in Canada. With its famous Royal Botanical Gardens, the Niagara Escarpment, and stunning dining, one can enjoy this city throughout the year.

Spending some time in this quiet city is a must for you and if you are looking for a place that offers peace with bits of fun, then you are in for a treat. If you are planning to visit Burlington, Ontario, during the fall, then here are some fun activities that you can participate in to get the most out of your trip.


Burlington, Ontario, offers the best hiking trails, and it gets even much better during fall. Bruce Trails, stretching over 890 kms, is one of the world-famous trails and the best place for an adventurous hike. From the Niagara Escarpment to Mount Nemo Conservation Area, this trail will stun you at every rock you pass with its majestic views, waterfalls, and wildlife. This trail will also lead you to the Crawford Lake Conservation Area that features a meromictic lake.


With the approaching Fall season Burlington, Ontario prepares itself for annual Canada's Largest Ribfest. This event takes place during Labour Day weekend, usually the first week of September. Skillful Ribbers from all over North America participate and compete for the titles such as ”Best Sauce” and ”Best Ribs”. This event will spoil your taste buds with ribs cooked in a plethora of different ways.

A leisure stroll at Bronte Creek Park

Bronte creek park offers almost every fun outdoor activity that one can imagine. Whether you want to do biking, cycling, or hiking, you can do all those things in one place. And if that's not enough, this park features a farmhouse, nature center, a touch of agriculture, farm animal, crops, and much more.

You may run out of energy, but this park won't run of fun activities. During fall, different places within the park give an impression of a painter's palette. You can camp there, or if you don't have the equipment, you can easily avail a yurt.

Rattlesnake point

Rattlesnake Point, considered one of Ontario's most picturesque spots, is about a 20- to 40-minute drive from Burlington, depending on which route you pick. Spending a day here in any season is believed to reveal its beauty, and it is an eco-tourism location !

During fall, people travel from near and far places to get captivated by the vibrant fall colors. The park features caves and cliffs with breathtaking views. Rock-climbing at Rattlesnake point is spectacular at this time of year. Climb the rocks, seeing the sunset over fall colors. 

A walk-in Paletta Lakefront Park

"Magnificent" will be the first word to come to your mind when you enter Paletta Lakefront Park, an effortless combination of nature and beauty. This park provides the best landscape background to your pictures at any time of year, but the fall season packs in something extra with vibrant colors all over the place.


If you are a bird enthusiast, then visiting Burlington, Ontario, is the place you want to see. The western end of Lake Ontario offers up to 300 bird species in a variety of habitats. It is a perfect fall stopover area for water birds such as Loons, Tundra Swans, and the Pelican. While hiking the Bruce trails mentioned earlier, you can spot a variety of forest and farmland birds. So, grab your bird guide and get out there to have the best birding experience.


With the waning summer heat and blazing colors of fall, it is high time to explore Burlington. Borrow a bike, find a suitable cycling route, and pedal along the paved roads pathways, or venture off-road on trails to get a slow-paced view of nature up close. Either stick to the city or ride along the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail; you are up for a two-wheeled adventure.

Don't miss out on Burlington, Ontario, this fall as it has a lot more to offer than you can imagine. This city will fill you up with its scenic delights, just like KAIA with its cannabis delights.

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