Things To Do This Winter In Burlington

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Burlington is a beautiful city situated between Niagara Falls and Toronto, along the edge of Lake Ontario. This country is a great gateway destination. Winter is an exciting time in Burlington, Ontario. Either you want to enjoy outdoor activities or take advantage of indoor attractions, there is something for everyone, from stunning gardens to exquisite dining. These beautiful views can be seen by passing through on route between Niagara Falls and Toronto. If you are looking for a place to relax, spending a few days in Burlington is highly recommended.  There are plenty of activities to do in the Burlington area when winter comes around. If you are going to visit this beautiful city, you can find the best winter activities there, indoor and outdoor.

Outdoors winter activities

Do not be afraid of snow or low temperatures, and enjoy your winter in Burlington, Ontario. Here are some best outdoor winter activities in Burlington that urge you to get out and enjoy the winter.


Burlington brings plenty of excellent skiing opportunities in the nearby area. Just 30 minutes away from Burlington, visit Glen Eden in Milton, an ideal spot for snowboarding, tubing, and skiing.


Spending a few hours sledding down a hill is love here. Make your way to Lowville Park or Cedarvale Park and visit the tobogganing hill. However, it is not too steep for beginners but high enough to provide a thrill. The hike back up to the top and get your blood pumping as you rush down the slope.

Walk Around the Royal Botanical Gardens

The world-renowned Royal Botanical Gardens is Burlington’s top attraction, even if flowers are not blooming. It is Canada’s largest garden open for winter activities and offers plenty of opportunities to tourists. Picturesque garden is divided into different sections and spread across 900 hectares area. Snow-capped trees present a stunning view. It features one greenhouse, three restaurants, four outdoor gardens, and one gift shop to purchase gifts for your loved ones from this beautiful country. Over 1000 plants and flowers varieties are present there. Moreover, many beautiful birds are also found there.

Check Out the Burlington Waterfront Trail

Waterfront Trail along the Ontario Lake hits many cities and attracts a lot of tourists. Part of the trail that goes through Burlington provides you the opportunity to walk along and admire the beauty of this lake.

Go for a hike

Hiking is the best part of winter activities in Burlington, Ontario. The world-renowned Bruce trail passes from the Niagara River to the Tobermory and Burlington along the way and is the best place for a hike in the city.  The trail runs along the edge of the Niagara Escarpment, which is the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.  You can enjoy the stunning views, wildlife, and waterfalls in this phenomenal hike. When it passes through the Mount Nemo Conservation Area, you will enjoy the spectacular views.

Go Skating at Burlington Rotary Centennial Pond

Burlington outdoor skating offers you the best moves on the ice-free of cost. Lace-up your skates and hit the rink. Go with your friend and enjoy the skating rink at Bronte Creek Park.

Play a round of golf

No golfer can be bored in Burlington as there are nine different places to play within the city. Enjoy the most scenic courses in the Indian wells golf club, which is an 18 hole course nestled at the foothills of Mt. Nemo. Another best golf club is Millcroft that is recognized as the number one choice for the golfer.  To play golf in Burlington Golf and Country Club, you need a membership. Hidden lake golf club in Burlington is another great place for a round of golf.

Have fun at a park

There are many parks in Burlington for fun, such as Spencer Smith Park, the home of Ribfest, and the Burlington Beer Festival. These parks are an excellent place for fun and boast a small beach and many waterfronts also.  Spencer Smith Park is situated in Downtown Burlington and features a wide promenade that overlooks the lake.

Explore Downtown Burlington

Explore the historic part of the city and see some most magnificent buildings. Start your tour from the historical walk of beautiful Victorian Vernacular, late Victorian, and Gothic Revival mansions. You will also see the hotel-tavern Zimmerman House that was built in 1860.

Moreover, two historic churches in Downtown Burlington, the Knox Presbyterian Church and L’Eglise St Philippe Church, are the main attractions for tourists. Italian square tower has an antique building that was built.

Indoors Winter Activities

If you are not interested in outdoor activities in Burlington, Ontario, you can enjoy the indoor winter activities in Burlington, Ontario. Such as

Rock Climbing

You can make your way to the climber’s rock for climbing walls. Take your pick of the Main Rope Walls, The Alley, Main Boulder, or The Boulder Lab.


Choose the Burlington bowl or Splitsville entertainment and do some fun. You will love to spend time at the bowling valley in the afternoon or evening.

Play Barn

Winter activities in Ontario are a complete package for all, including children. Bronte Creek Park is filled with tire swings, obstacles, and many fun activities for kids.

Enjoy the food

 There are more than 200 restaurants in Burlington to enjoy the food taste of Ontario. Everything from cheap hotdog vendors to gourmet bistros is available in the city. Burlington never disappoints food lovers and gives them the best taste in his town. A few restaurants offer the best choices and delicious taste. Try some authentic restaurants that serve Chinese food, Italian food, or Thai food. Burlington is also a center of fresh seafood.

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