Weeding Out Cannabis Myths

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KAIA cannabis is a brand that provides you with high-quality cannabis products and the necessary information that you must know to clear any misconceptions you might have regarding cannabis.

The recent legalization of cannabis has significantly increased the popularity of cannabis, but with great popularity comes great misconceptions. This blog is all about the facts that will help you weed out the most common myth you hear about cannabis.

In this blog, we are going to weed out some of the common myths you hear about cannabis.


Q: Mary Jane is worse than Cigarettes.

A: There is no doubt that smoke from cannabis contains carcinogens just like tobacco smoke, but studies have shown that smoke from cannabis is less harmful than smoke from cigarettes. Another critical factor to consider is the consumption rate of both substances, where an average cigarette smoker puffs around 10-15 cigarettes a day an average pot smoker won't be taking in 10-15 joints a day unless he is Snoop Dogg.


Q: Same high but different strain

A: If you believe that you get the same high from smoking different strains, then there are chances that you might be a newbie. Nowadays, you can find various cannabis strains offering a variety of effects from "locking you to the couch" to "dude! my hands are so big", and it's true you can find yourself within the boundaries of this effect depending on which strain you choose. Apart from THC that acts the same on the brain, the impact you get from cannabis dramatically depends on other active ingredients that produce varying sensations and experiences.


Q: The more I hold, the more I behold

Every pot user once in their lifetime believed in this myth and tried, but unfortunately, that's not the case. The only thing that is affected more is your poor lungs. Studies show that your body absorbs up to 80Po of THC in the first 3 seconds. It doesn't matter if you hold your breath for 15 seconds or 15 minutes; the effects will be the same as the first 3 seconds. So, why burden your lungs? Exhale that toke and breath in the fresh air.


Q: Cannabis is a gateway drug.

You can call cannabis a terminus drug but gateway, no way. There is no evidence whatsoever that proves this claim. This gateway theory became famous in the sixties when cannabis became the new leading recreational drug. It may be true that people who use other illicit drugs may have started with cannabis, but it doesn't imply that cannabis use lead s them to hard drugs. This myth is based on association, not on causation.


Q: I didn't get high the first time I smoked Cannabis.

Do you know why? Because, you did it wrong. But no worries, you are not alone. Even President Bill Clinton had trouble getting high his first time. Maybe the first time you tried, you didn't inhale it correctly, or you kept the smoke in your mouth. Other factors, too, like height, weight, and metabolism, might inhibit your high. And even if that's not the case, get your cannabis from a trusted place like KAIA because the cannabis you tried was BAD!



We have only scratched the surface of myths in this blog. There is still a whole lot of misinformation out there, and the only cure for cannabis myths is simple: Education. We should rely more on scientific studies rather than taking someone‘s word as the truth. 

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